Jennifer Sutton

Sutton was born at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, IN. She is now a dance performance artist , certified massage therapist, teacher and model. Her history includes completing her MA in Dance Performance from LABAN, London, UK by being a member of Transitions Dance Co, touring, teaching and performing throughout England followed by a written dissertation titled: Inside-Out: Emotions in Dance Performance. Returning to Indianapolis she founded FoReal Art Co. in 2005 and created works such as

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About My Work:

Historically I have created multi-disciplinary dance pieces based around diverse universal truths. I also created numerous chalk pastel pieces of art that have softer blurred expressions.

Currently I am focused on creating more threapeutic work involving the healing arts; the intention that we will be led to the works of art that will most assist in healing ourselves and that we may express that art that is healing to us too. My most recent works in progress have a strong pregnancy and polynesian native undertones stemming from my most recent traveling adventures and experiences.

Increasing the humans potential for movement and therefore expression is ever developing in my contemporary dance vocabulary.  More recently energy work combined with performative fire spinning and hula hooping take the movement for movement sake choreography to a more devensive and healing level of performance exploration.

Visually feather masks and earrings combine more of the humanside with the animal side; linking the native roots with the modern day freedom of expression.  The simplicity of using any medium to create work in front of us is also a huge interest of mine. Exploring expressions from all parts of the bodies and colors associated through chakras, regardless of the medium is also of interest. In Africa many times words were written in sand, erased naturally with no preservation.  Here more paper is perserved and wasted.

There are many threads I am currently exploring, there is much to teach, always more to learn, and less can be more.


Pricing Information:

Feather masks are 100-500 dollars.

Crane earrings are 20-40 dollars.

One hour movement class (threapeutic movement, creative movement, choreography) 60/hr. (Classes can be arrange for more than one performance)

Modeling 25-100/hr

Performances (depends on request)




MA Dance Performance/Transitions Dance Company and Professional Diploma in Dance Studies  from LABAN, London, UK; 2002-2005

Butler University and Jordan College of Fine Arts 1996-2002

North Central High School 1996-2000



Foreal Art Company 2005-2007

Indianapolis Fringe Festival  2005,2006, 2009

Visual Fringe 2005



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