Jennifer Tiefel

My work is inspired by the places I’ve seen and the people I’ve met. Having grown up overseas in the Middle East and Southeast Asia and having recently taught art in Southern China for two years my work tends to take on an ethnic flair with particular attention paid to texture, line, and color. Much of my aesthetic inspiration comes from Africa, India, Bali, Tibet, and tribal North America. The materials and techniques I like to work with are acrylics, block printmaking, relief wood carving,

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About My Work:

My work is inspired by international influences based on the places I’ve lived and visited such as the Middle East and Southeast Asia. I work mainly with two dimensional media such as acrylic, oil, watercolor and charcoal but have recently become interested in more texturally layered and complex work and have begun to add elements such as yarn painting, plaster, and found objects in my work. I am constantly researching Balinese, Tibetan, African, Indian and Navajo artwork. Many of the themes I work with are based on local mythologies and expressive interpretations of the figure. Masks are a passion of mine and are often seen in my paintings as frightening or comical characters. My work isn’t meant to be analyzed; it’s fun, it’s direct, and it’s full of energy.

Pricing Information:

My work ranges from $200 to $800 USD.


College: Texas State University in San Marcos, TX

Post Grad: Summer classes at SCAD in Savannah, Georgia.



Indy Arts


KISD Award fro Excellence in Visual Arts- Katy, TX



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