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Jeremy South

Jeremy South



I love to drum and build almost anything with my hands.  My inspiration comes from the quiet time of the night.  I enjoy expressiveness in many forms.  Dance, Music and many other hands on expressions.   No formal teaching experience.  I excel in creativity and love to solve problems.  Married with one son and live in Rocky Ripple.  I enjoy meeting quarky people.  I consider myself adaptable and able to change things as needed.


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About My Work:

I have always enjoyed building with my hands.  This is where I find my place of peace and serenity.  Working with kids for many years, I have found a connection with the creative spirit we are all born with.  My journey has taken me through many adventures over the years.  I have traveled around the area teaching portable pottery, fused glass, recycled art and literacy and art.  My favorite age is the wonder of a preschooler.  I also enjoy the bravery of Elementary age kids in their artwork.   I work with the libraries, schools, nonprofits and other organizations.  My favorite part of it all is my independence.  I enjoy running my business creatively.  Ripple Mobile Arts currently offers 5 different delivery programs.  I feel my strengths are adaptability, creativity, attentiveness and organizational skills.  I love what I do.  I learn through my hands and hope to continue sharing in this crazy new world.

Upcoming Events:

I offer pottery wheel rentals, clay and glass delivery and consultation services.

Pricing Information:

Prices range from $50-$150 for services


Bachelor of Science in Art Studio


  • Basics on the pottery wheel


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