Jerry Botzum

Jerry Botzum


Artists seem to be endowed with perceptual understandings that go beyond merely seeingthings. As an artist I want to offer the viewer more than a recording or a photographic likeness of a visual scene. I wish to expose the mysterious depths that lie beneath.

If I am successful, then my viewer can look into as well as look at my painting. Rather than just seeing an old man walking the hilly roads of Ireland, I want to present his story to the viewer. My use of colors, values, temperatures

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About My Work:

Botzum paints primarily in oil and watercolor, but also works in pastel, charcoal, and ink. He chooses to not limit himself to any particular medium or subject matter. His work is best described as “atmospheric” or “moody.” He paints images of landscapes, seascapes/harbor scenes, still lifes, figures and portraits. Visit the artist in his or her creative surrounds, view works in progress, see some art perhaps not yet seen by the public. Experience the environment that the artist is in when s/he creates an artwork. Get to know the artist through personal conversations. By appointment only. See contact information above.

Pricing Information:

$200 – $4,000



Oil Painters of America; Indiana Artists’ Club; Indiana Heritage Arts Watercolor Society of Indiana; Central Indiana Artists; Indiana Plein Air Painters; Indiana State Fair Brown County Art Guild; Brown County Art Gallery Art Docent, Indianapolis Museum of Art since 1997



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  1. I need a 36×24 oil painting of my beautiful mother riding horseback. After searching many local artist styles I’ve decided to trust your ability to capture details & tell a story of a mother’s authority & horses obedience & strength.


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