Jes Nijjer

Jes Nijjer


I’m a first-generation Indian American woman who has been residing in Indiana for 16 years. My love of photography and identity as a visual artist were found here in Indianapolis. I have dedicated the last seven years to cultivating a career in photography and creating art through all I do.

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About My Work:

For the last seven years I have been specializing in photographing architecture, landscapes, restaurants, products, portraits, and events. With current projects at Newfields and the Indianapolis Airport, my work is a reflection of important voices in this city motivated to keep history alive and accurate.

Upcoming Events:

Funky Naptown: Celebrating the Legacy of Indianapolis Soul Music (Indianapolis Airport, Kind Gallery, Jan 2023)

Tense: Past, Present, Future of Black Musicians in Indianapolis (Newfields, Wallery Gallery, Jan 2024)

Pricing Information:

Pricing begins at $150/hr, depending on nature and size of project


BA Business Management, WGU