Jessica Dunn

Jessica Dunn

I am a multimedia artist living and working in Indianapolis, IN. I graduated from Herron School of Art and Design with a BFA double majoring in Painting and Sculpture with a minor in Art History. For the past decade, I have been working in primarily the animation/film industry, specializing in 2D frame by frame animation. My work has been featured in documentaries, exhibits for museums, and other installations and performances. Beyond the screen, I create immersive audiovisual experiences,

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About My Work:

As a multimedia artist specializing in animation, illusion is both my inspiration and medium. My work is an exploration of motion conveyed through repetition. The gaps between each frame is where the magic happens – where perception is altered to create movement. I create immersive worlds incorporating animation, video, and sound within both physical and digital spaces. 

Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the magic of animation and have been making my own since then. Starting with flipbooks, I discovered illusions can be made by quickly alternating images. Later on, I expanded my stop-motion explorations to physical spaces and objects. I have continued to experiment within both physical and digital worlds, pushing the media I use as far as possible. Sometimes I build my own circuits and machines to distort, glitch, and abstract these visions by manipulating voltage. Other times, I let my materials shine in their true, raw form.

Even in my static paintings, my goal is to create a sense of movement. Beyond the 2 dimensional screen or image, I aim to expand the worlds I create into interactive spaces. Sound is often part of the experience, whether I am creating an original score or collaborating with another composer. Through the combination of light, color, movement, and sound, these worlds come alive for the viewer to explore.


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