Jim Wyant

Jim Wyant



Jim Wyant, Master Photographer, Craftsman, and holder of the prestigious Diamond Imaging Excellence Award through the Professional Photographers of America, has studied the composition of light and element for over 35 years. He challenges himself to present the essence of each individual through mood, depth, and sensitivity. His style of “interactive” imaging is relational, genuine, and timeless. Jim’s passion, as a portrait artist, is to use God given talent with experience and education to

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Jim’s education has come through an assortment of mentors, PPA schools, and training as an apprentice. Master Photographers/mentors have molded and inspired Jim toward becoming the national acclaimed artist that shares his stories and creative vision with us today. Jim holds the photographic Master, Craftsman degree and now teaches in various locations througout the U.S.


Professional Photographers of America

Professional Photographers of Indiana

Daguerre Club

“ASP” – American Photographers Society



One of Indiana’s leading award winning photographers, Jim has been honored numerous times in local, state, national and international professional competitions – Kodak’s “Gallery”, Fuji’s “Masterpiece”, Canon’s “Par Excellence”, PPA’s “Diamond” and “Grand Imaging”, state, regional, and national “Photographer of the Year” awards to name a few.




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