J'Mel Dowdell

“I look for who is important that we see in the entertainment industry. I look to capture iconic figures that cause movements. I try to find what we don’t see, the problems that lay in our faces that we don’t understand. I use a visual medium in the form of a dead, but once living substance (chaulk) brought back to life with the meaning of what attracts me.”



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About My Work:

J’Mel is a master of many artistic forms including charcoal drawings, computer generated images (cartoon characters and designs) as well as music production.

Pricing Information:

Up to $150 for prints, up to $500 for originals


Assoc. Degree in graphic design from Vinncennes Univ, Bachelor’s degree from Indiana State Univ. in graphic design with a minor in art history.


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  1. […] J’mel Dowdell grew up to study art in college and founded his own children’s cartoon and toy company in Indianapolis. He was shot and killed in Castleton on Wednesday, according to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.  […]


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