JoAnn G. Jones

“A life passion, that must be acted upon through our art, is created regardless of the subject or method. Each ideal often can be an adventure and challenge with beautiful expressive colors.  Earlier travels to the Contadora Islands, and other islands  along the equator, have helped influence use of strong hues and painting styles.” JoAnn Jones

(Paintings are in many private collection throughout the United States, including Alaska)


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About My Work:

Creating a painting brings so much pleasure, with the hopes the results will draw the interest of the viewers, and acceptance.  It is difficult to explain the pride when desired results are accomplished.   I love painting still life, landscapes, seascapes, scenes with different types of people in them.  There is little I have not attempted to paint, and enjoy it all.

Pricing Information:

Prices are $50.00 to $1,200. at the time of this article.


Several instructors over the years, include Tom Slack, Riley Bertram and Joe Green.  Drafting course was also taken to help with drawing and perspective.

Oil paints are first choice, but acrylics, and pastels are also used.


Southside Art League, Hoosier Salon


JoAnn has participated in juried and non-juried shows and exhibitions, with cash awards… Midwest National Abstract Art Exhibiton, Professional Divison of Fine Art at Indiana State Fair, Hoosier Salon show, Southside Art League Members show, Southside Art League Students show


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