Joann Loftus

Allowing my subconscious to guide me, I paint intuitively, generally without a plan. Many layers of paint are applied in bright, clear glazes, intermixed with a collage of textures, papers, ink, gesso and gels. These layers create depth and dimension, inviting viewers in and enticing them to take a closer look. Viewers who closely examine my paintings pull memories from their own life experiences, enabling them to draw their own interpretation.


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About My Work:

Throughout the years, I’ve experimented with many different mediums and styles. I love the process of playing with a variety of materials and discovering new and exciting techniques. In recent years, a lot of my work has been centered around mixed-media. I find it freeing to be able to mix mediums and materials without the constraints of traditional painting rules.

Pricing Information:

$50 to $1200


Columbia Basin College, Pasco, WA ~ Art & Interior Design

Continuing education: Indianapolis Art Center classes; local & online classes and workshops;


–Watercolor Society of Indiana

–Indianapolis Art Center

–Southside Art League, Inc. (SALI)


Outstanding Watercolor ~ SALI National Fine Arts Exhibition, 2006

First Place ~ Indiana State Fair (professional mixed-media), 2006

First Place ~ SALI Collage Exhibition, 2005


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