Jodie Hardy

Most of my youth was spent hiding: early on in closets and under the bed, later in the woods by the creek. It was safer there. When I discovered that clothing could be used as disguise, I hid behind the facade of fashion. Upon returning to the academy after years of professional life, I stumbled upon the notion that clothing can serve as a masquerade that simultaneously conceals and reveals. From then on I have felt compelled to explore the slippery realm of clothing codes. My work investigates

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About My Work:

Whether using performance, installation, objects in the round, or traditional modes often labeled “women’s work,” Hardy considers herself primarily a sculptor, selecting methods and materials that best illustrate the issues she explores.

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MFA in Visual Art and Civic Life, Herron School of Art and Design. 2008-2010.


Sculpture Fellowship, Founding member, Zionsville Arts Initiative, 2007-present. Honors Fellowship, art history symposium presentation of paper, The State of the Dress. 2006.


McNeil Grant for overseas research, Paris, L


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