Joe Rohrman

Joe Rohrman



Working with clay for over thirty years, exploring various themes, I find that I keep returning to my fascination with people.  I depict ordinary people in everyday settings, sometimes in quirky situations.  Some of my works may have a tragic or pathetic quality, while others may be whimsical and lighthearted.  Their character is shown through exaggerated facial features, body proportion, and subtle mannerisms.

While some artists’ works have underlying meanings that require speculation

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About My Work:

I work predominantly with stoneware because of the color and texture of the clay. Underglazes are used for additional color.  Most pieces are high-fired to achieve the desired appearance and for the structural strength and permanency.

The figures I create may be standing, sitting, prone, or even hanging in mid-air.  These cariacaturish folks can be serious, or poignant, or humorous, but all are meant to be instantly relatable.

Other than the clay people, I also have a series of “Dwellings”.  These are very small, whimsical, fantasy structures that incorporate unusual items and themes.


Pricing Information:

Figurative works range in price from $250 to $4000.  Other works range from $25 to $100.


BS in Arts and Crafts, 1975, MAE, 1980,  Herron School of Art, IUPUI

Attended many workshops, those most infuential were by Fred Olsen, Don Reitz, Cynthia Bringle, Dee Schaad.


Hoosier Salon


Indiana Now, Art Museum of Greater Lafayette, Museum Collection Purchase, 2013

Figures of Speech, The Anderson Center for the Arts, First Place and Collection Purchase, 2013

Hoosier Salon, People’s Choice Award, 2012

Clayfest 2011, Merit and Purchase Awards, 2011

Hoosier Salon Purchase Award, 2011

Hoosier Salon Popular Choice, 2009



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