John Crowe

John Crowe


What does an artist do with their passion?  What tools do they enlist to form the expression that turns wildly inside?  What is the purpose of it all?  For me, a photographer; it is light, mood, timing and the ability to turn loose a novel of words without uttering one. I wish to evoke a captivating emotional response in my images, make them an experience that unfolds allegorical reasoning and wonder.  I wish to inspire and chase after the soft voice I hear inside.


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About My Work:

I work mainly as a photogrpaher, I like the way photography tells a story, it lends itself to personal experience and emotion. It is from something real and tangible, a person, place or thing that exists even if for only a moment. Photography is an act of experiene in itself and I want to share that experience with others.

Ultimately, my photography is about truth, resonance and an uncommon familiarity. I want my audience to not only see, but to feel the image through emotion. I strive to bring an awareness of our spirit and condition to the surface through my images. I like to think of them as allegories, a doorway to contemplation of a deeper truth.

Photography is as complex as the light of the world, the world and its people because it is a reflection of it, it is real and is sometimes unbelievable.

Pricing Information:

prices from 100 to 2500.00



Broad Ripple H.S. Arts Magnet program, Herron School of Art, Webster Univesity.  Years of Professional assisting commercial photographers. Years of experience in the dark, as well as building Crowe’s Eye Photography successfully since 2003 with my wife and partner Joslyn Virgin.






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