Jonathan Thompson

Jonathan Thompson, founder of New Generation Artist Inc and the Jonathan Thompson Performing Arts School is a Teaching Artist, Actor, Singer, Musician, and Songwriter. He has been working as an artist, educator, and entertainer for thirty years. He has shared platforms with some of the most distinguished artist, entertainers, personalities, politicians and scholars of our times. Such notables as Will Smith, Craig T. Nelson, Jerry Van Dyke, BB King, Al Green, the Winans, T.D. Jakes, Fred

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About My Work:

A dedicated family man first and foremost he enjoys spending time with his wife Janel, sons Jeremiah, Joshua, Sir Jonathan II and Jairus Benjamen. His ultimate goal is to raise the level of hope and renew the mindset of all humanity. Jonathan’s teaching style with youth relates to their language while teaching life skills.


New Generation Artist Inc, Young Audience of Indiana F.C.C. License Class training in disciplines of: Music Theory, Piano, Saxophone, Theater Course training for teaching artist developed by the Partners in Education program of the John F. Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts YMCA Trainin



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