Joseph Gay

Joseph Gay


You know, I’ve painted for a long time: most of my life, really. It took a long time for me to realize the direction that my artwork would take. It has been said that artists (those of us who paint) don’t paint because they want to, they paint because they have to. I’ve found that to be very much the truth.

I hit a period in my life where I was unable to paint, unable to even pick up a pencil. Depression and anxiety almost destroyed that which I had associated so closely with my own identity

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About My Work:

I always liked a line in Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner, when one of the characters is asked what they were doing, they reply, “It’s a test designed to provoke an emotional response.” That, I believe, is the best way to describe the way I approach each painting. It may be a portait, but I want that portrait to speak to you something about that person.

I love to play with colors. Dark or light, I look to find every color I can, sometimes even breaking those down into the primary colors that make them. There’s a richness in life, and I use color to translate that richness to you, to get you to feel what they feel, and ask yourself why they make you feel that way.

If my work makes you think, then I’m doing my job.

Pricing Information:

Prints on heavy gauge watercolor paper, signed and numbered, generally go for $35 to $45. Original pieces vary by size, and may be $250 for a smaller piece and $600 for a larger one. Not all originals are available for sale.


Self-taught and trained. I’ve been painting all my life.


Current member of the Shelby Art Guild Association.


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  1. We would love to get some of the paintings you did of my husband. Please contact us via his email . Hope you are well. We look forward to hearing from you . Shari and Gwamba Wenzel 805-270-0509


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