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   In my work, I explore the difference between the person we are in public, and the person we are when completely alone. I have found that the best way to visualize this in our own lives is to think about the people in them. How many people are you truly yourself with? Even fortunate people have only a few. We don’t necessarily intend to change how we act, or our character, when we are around others, but we do.  It has, at least in my life, become second nature.

The ladies that I paint and draw develop their own personalities and each has her own story, which the viewer can develop. I do not present my version of the ladies’ story. This creates an interesting situation for the viewer to be in. In traditional portraiture there is usually historical context or props in the picture plane, these objects give the viewer clues to the story behind the portrait. I have done away with these clue-giving props. The only clues that the viewer has to interpret my portraits are the lady’s name and theshirt on her back. This creates a dynamic dialogue between the viewer and the object of their gaze. The viewer is forced to spin their own tale to explain the expression of individual woman, and often times they find a personal connection to the woman.

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Herron School of Art & Design

Bachelors of Fine Arts, Painting

Minor in Art History


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