Junior Mclean

“I use various designs, from geographic landscapes, islands, beaches or etc. I also like to do sci-fi designs, aliens here and there, or various fractals or abstract art involving metal. 3-D or digital designs are my favorite hobbies.” Junior Mclean


Resume (PDF)


More Info

About My Work:

I am a Bronx native, for a time lived in Anderson, Indiana and back, current freelance digital artist and graphic designer since 1996 and a digital cover “2D/3D” artist for Gaming, Fantasy, Sci-Fi; and fractals which have been used for public exhibitions and more.

Currently I multi-task, run a small freelance business, I sell art online, and just looking to get myself out there for the world to see what I do.

Pricing Information:

I can provide it if needed, also I have other links of mine that I do alot of self promotion often.


Graduated from both schools Dewitt Clinton H.S. And Co-op Technical Educational School


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