Justin Lane

Justin Lane


Time is not depressing when you use it to create art and foster creative experiences for others. It does not shrink and swell like it does for everything else. Each new brush stroke on an oil painting, not a deck, feels like an organized gesture that breathes new life.

So, too for me in the creation of model-sets that I create then render into photographs. Or, places I surreptitiously enter to photograph. A photograph is timeless tangible evidence that an action existed. I try to stress acts

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About My Work:
These photographs are of environments in
which I create friction between interior and exterior space.
I construct these environments in my studio; once painted,
then photographed, they are deconstructed or significantly
altered, leaving an impression only on film.MINIATURE SETS:

I create miniature models and photograph them. Through
them I invite the viewer to wander the Cosmos without
looking at it through traditional physical surroundings,
but, instead, through images created with toothpicks,
blankets, painted cardboard and other stuff around the


I like to photograph people in unexpected environments.
The fusiform gyrus, the region of the brain responsible for
facial recognition, will immediately try to make sense of what
is sees: People, clothing, gesture, upon looking at an image.
These images distort the relationship between the figures and
audience. Here, people are expressionless, lost, faces turned,
clothing is void of personality. I believe this piques imagination

and allows the viewer to playfully engage in a realm between

figure and dreamscape.
Pricing Information:

Editions of 10: 12×18  photographs are typically $500-$600 each, framed

Editions of 50 or more: 8×10 photographs are typically $200 each, framed



University of New Mexico, Master of Fine Art, Photography

Indiana University, Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography. Minor, Art History

2006        First Place, Contemporary Biennial, Albuquerque, New Mexico
2005        Brooks Fellowship, David Hilliard Workshop, Anderson Ranch, CO,
2005        Guest lecturer, Donggang Photo Festival, Yeongwol, South Korea


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