Katie Hughes

I am a beginner painter, but have recently began to pick up my interest in painting. I am using oils as my medium. I am influenced by Van Gogh, and love to watch Bob Ross. I have made several Bob Ross replicas and will continue to paint using his styles and techniques.


More Info

About My Work:

My work is mostly all inspired by other artists however, a lot of my work is what I would describe as a “dreamscape,” “ethereal,” or “nature-landscape.”

Upcoming Events:

Currently, I do not have any upcoming events. I would like to showcase my artwork here in Indy, and have it be a part of a public viewing.

Pricing Information:

My artwork ranges from $800-$5,000, depending on the piece. Please inquire for more details/information.


I graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington with a degree in Education. I do not have any formal training for my artistic abilities; however, I have had some art classes that were part of my undergraduate degree.