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About My Work:

My creations are often (but not always) unedited photographs of abstractions of things that we see every day — common items or sights. My eye catches and sees the extraordinary in the ordinary. For example, the intensity of a sunset in a mud puddle; an interesting composition that asks the viewer to deconstruct what is visually puzzling but beautiful.

All of my works are limited-edition pieces on 100% cotton rag paper printed with archival-quality pigment inks. This produces a rich, ethereal glow that gives the image depth and feeling. 

According to my clients, I capture “that look” in their eyes or smiles in commissioned portraits.

I like to produce a final framed work of art for my customers that evokes a “wow!” response instead of just handing over a CD of their images, although I usually do both.

My on site location work includes but is not limited to: horse shows, intimate home amd chapel weddings, event photography, theater, interior home scapes, city scapes and pets.

Pricing Information:

My limited edition framed prints sell from $150 – $2,500 depending upon the size, edition run, rarity of the subject matter and artisty involved.

My unframed limited edition, matted prints begin at $65.00.

My minium fees begin at $250.00 for studio work and $450.00 for on site photography.


Master of Arts, Miami University, Oxford Ohio



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