Kelly Patrick

Kelly Patrick


As an answer to the part of my brain/pysche that was feeling completely left out in science and needing to be expressed, I began weaving which led expanding into other fiber arts.  When I was a child and into high school I’d been interested in drawing but never had any training, so it was dropped until, as an adult, I have taken the periodic class- I do enjoy it, but definitely need to train my hand and brain!

I also enjoy making jewelry and playing with the juxtaposition of colors (as in my

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About My Work:

As a fiber artist, my primary focus is dying silks (scarves, other functional pieces), assemblages as display art (wall hangings, etc.), weaving, quilting (contemporary), and various yarn endeavors (dying, knitting).  In addition, I am a jewelry maker primarily functional art in terms of earrings, necklaces using Swarovsky crystals, semiprecious stones, silver; as well, I have done some silver smithing.

Pricing Information:

Jewelry ranges from $40 to $150 or so



My education is in science- my career has been as a bench/research scientist most of my life.  I am primarily self taught and have taken courses and work shops during my life which has led to some great networking a set of wonderful friends and associates!


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