Kenneth Hamilton

Kenneth Hamilton Jr, a husband and father of two was born and raised in Indianapolis, In. He attended Broad Ripple High School where his love for art began. He further developed his craft at Vincennes University and Heron Art School, studying Graphic Arts. I prefer abstract art themes through black and white chalk on paper as well as acrylic paint on canvas.



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About My Work:

“Anything can be art, through my lens.”-Kenneth Hamilton Jr

I believe that art can calm and heal the mind. My goal, when you look at my art, is for your mind to open up and see what may or may not be there. My work is just a photograph of what’s on my mind. My hope is that you get the picture too. 


Pricing Information:

Prints start at $15 for size 8×10 and price goes up by size.

Original acrylic on canvas starts at $150 for some 16×20 pieces. Price is determined and goes up by size & individual piece.


I attended Broad Ripple High School in Indianapolis, IN. I also attended Vincennes University and Herron School of Art & Design.


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