Kerry Stoltz

I create abstract, expressionistic work with acrylic paint on canvas.

I live and work in Indy and am excited to join the artist community. Thank you for visiting my profile.


More Info

About My Work:

As with anything I do i.e.. cooking, styling hair, interior decorating, photography, caregiving.. I operate by feel. This is not a timely or organized way to do things but I love the journey and what I discover about myself and others/the project along the way.

My process is ever evolving, but for now I push and pull the paint, transferring it from one surface to another with little control. For me, creating serves as a way to heal, remember, dream, celebrate, process and realize.

Pricing Information:





Indiana University BFA in Photography with a minor in Art History

Licensed Cosmetologist


  • SOLD 36 x 36 canvases x2


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