Kevin Hughey

I’ve always made things. I’ve always thought it was important to make things. It’s one of the ways I enter into and participate in the world. Relationships are forged, moments are experienced, art is made.

Photography, the dark room in particular, was my first date with my sweetheart. Our second was at a gig…I’m also a drummer and percussionist and have built drums with fellow musicians in the backyard. I’ve done woodworking with my Dad, thrown pottery in the greenhouse, built sculptures with

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Originals range from $125 to $875, reproductions from$25 to $450.


Ball State University, B.S. Art Education


SALI National Abstract Art Exhibition XII, GPAC Choice Award for SELF PORTRAIT

SALI National Abstract Art Exhibition XIV, Merit Award for LUCKY

CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley for SUNDAY SUN and STAR GALAXIES


  • Gallery 1 - Kevin Hughey
  • Gallery 2 - Kevin Hughey
  • Gallery 3 - Kevin Hughey
  • Gallery 4 - Kevin Hughey
  • Blue Marble, 22" acrylic on three-layered wood


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