Kevin Smola

Kevin Smola



I believe to appreciate art one must appreciate the vision and will to create something beautiful from an innate spirit to inspire all who encounter it. Not only do I hope the viewer acknowledges the form and action of the painting, I want them to focus on their own reaction – my hope is that they will experience the overwhelming sense of being consumed by what they are viewing.

Using scrapers and putty knives as well as a brush, I aim to make connections with virtual strangers by

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About My Work:

I use color and texture to create abstract paintings. They are non-representational in nature, but very much inspired from everyday life, experiences we all share and some very personal. The medium with which I paint is oil paint, allowing me to be more expressive than my previous experiences with other mediums. My work also lends itself very well to corporate and private collections looking to make a sophisticated and artistic statement.

Pricing Information:

Smaller paintings range in price from $300-$900, Medium Size from $1000-$1600 and large scale up to $5500.


Universtity of Southern Indiana, 2003


Stutz Artists Association
Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association (IDADA)


Stutz Artists Association Artist In Residency Grant, 2006


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