kevin sutton

kevin sutton

Life’s Principles Are A Universal Language

This started as a concept to instill confidence and a sense of self worth in my daughters. The idea grew as I became aware of the bond that my daughters share with females and all peoples of this world. Power, Passion, Personality, Promise, Praise, Perseverance, Progress, Pride, Prestige, no matter the language, no matter the background these 9 traits are inherent in us all.

To that end I sought people who spoke different languages, to see if they had

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About My Work:

principles of life seeks to empower individually * embolden collectively. highlighting the positive traits of the human spirit. though words come in many languages & symbols the meanings are the same.

Upcoming Events:

to be announced

Pricing Information:

8×11 on gorilla posterboard = $10.00

alternate sizes tbd upon size rqst’d


life. meeting people. being cognizant of the differences around me and that we all learn/teach s’thing.


diversity roundtable of indiana (expired)

nationalities council of indiana (expired)

indiana german historical society (expired)

toastmasters international (expired)



  • Gallery 1 - kevin sutton
  • Gallery 2 - kevin sutton
  • Gallery 3 - kevin sutton
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  • Gallery 12 - kevin sutton
  • pnpwerall1 -Languages in Indiana


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