Kimber Shaw

To see through someone else’s eyes is transformative. The experience imposes an empathetic bond, even on the unwitting (or unwilling) observer. The shared experience forges an immutable bond between subject and object that subverts the notion of difference between observer and observed. When you see through someone else’s eyes, the distinction between self and other melts away. You become her, she becomes he, and they become we. The only object left is the absurdity of making such an

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About My Work:

Seeing humanity interact with itself is something that I have always been interested in. Having a background in photography I, observe the situations that I am a part of in an intense manner because it is something habitual for me. My work of late has had a specific focus into the realm of the male and female specifically in the sense of sexuality. The idea of the ‘gaze’ has been an important focus in my work. Someone’s gaze upon another provides us with a lot of information about our relationship to the subjects, or the relationships between the subjects upon whom we gaze, or the situation in which the subjects are doing the gazing.

Pricing Information:

Pricing Information available upon request; Commercial work also available – Weddings, Engagements, Senior Portraits, Family Portraits, etc


BFA Photography, Herron School of Art and Design


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