Kimberly Williams

I am currently delighting myself, and aiming to delight others, through the production of multiple art forms, particularly painting, drawing, and fabric sculpture. My art is a release of energy and humor, and I use interests, observations, and experiences to inform my compositions. Color, humor, and biological themes can be discovered throughout the body of my work, and often all three are represented in a single piece. I get excited about color, the way three dierent hues of blue melt when

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About My Work:

My work is about response and trust. When I start a piece, I have fun, pour into the process, trusting that the work has value. My work is fresh and colorful. Humorous yet thoughtful. My pieces inform and build upon each other, similar to how life experiences inform all others.

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Randolph County Art Association Member, In-sight: The Perception Reception April 2008, Indiana Wesleyan University B.S. Painting and Illustration



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