Kris May

Kris May


Hello, my name is Kris May and I am a graphic designer, illustrator, painter and muralist. I have been a working artist in Indianapolis, IN for over 5 years and an artist for as long as I can remember. Up until March 2009 I owned and operated a real store and comtemporary art gallery here in Indy, and I am now working in the arts through a communtiy arts center,  as a freelance designer from home and through many other venues.

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About My Work:

My work ranges from functional marketing for events, gallery shows, etc. to surreal landscapes and creatures in both 2D and 3D. I have created marketing materials for organizations such as IndyParks, The Irvington Guild of Artists, The Indianapolis Shool of Ballet and The Youth Law T.E.A.M. of Indiana. I also create artwork for personal and group gallery showings, such as a solo show at BJava Coffee and Tea, the “TOYS” group charity show, and many others. I have illustrated two children’s books, used to educate Indiana youth about the law as it applies to them; and I am currently finishing up a book written around two of my original characters. One of my passions is creating large-scale murals. I have had the opportunity to put several murals up in neighborhoods around Indianapoils, as well as doing several interior murals in a few Indy homes and businesses. An ongoing mural project I am working on is at The Garfield Park Arts Center. I create a new mural for every gallery show to introduce the show in the lobby of the center. I also created a mural on the exterior of the center to welcome guests. Other media I work in: sculpture, woodworking and plush toy design. I have created many sculptures using sculpey and I have a plush line called “Catberries”. I have recently began working with wood, building shelves that also are decorative paintings.

Pricing Information:

Pricing varies, and interested parties should contact me for more information.


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