Kristin Fuller

Kristin Fuller


Through my photography I am exploring my own personal spiritual journey.  Both my ideas and the process of my art itself is a way for me to converse artistically about my spiritual identity.  Through my work I intend to connect my journey with the spiritual journey of others and engage the viewer of my art in a way that speaks deeply to their core self.

In many ways I like to think of my work as beginning a dialogue about the landscape of the human spirit.  I ask questions about human

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About My Work:

My medium is a blend of antique and alternative process photography and digital work.  I tend to blend older processes, working with Infrared Film, medium format film and conventional darkroom toning while many times converting these images to digital images in order to edit and process them on various surfaces (tiles, canvas, linen, etc).  I find that the merging of these processes feels most authentic to the work that I am producing.  My greatest hope is that through my work, artist and viewer, would begin to dialogue more extensively about spirituality.

Pricing Information:

Prints begin at $65.

Photo sessions begin at $400.

Please contact Kristin for more information.




Harrison Center for the Arts


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