Kurt Stumpf

I was born a maker…I don’t see things for what they are, but for what they can become. I can see the last paint stroke in my painting or the last chip of stone fall from the sculpture before it has even begun.  I never stop being curious about things.  I don’t mind not having formal training…this way I don’t know my limitations and I won’t worry about riding the edge.


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About My Work:

I am trying to win the hearts and minds of all who look at my work.  I pick what I believe is the “prime view” and exploit this to the beholder.  Sometimes, I can be symbolic and witty about things and other times…I just love to stand back and enjoy the simplistic view of the form.

Pricing Information:

materials and half the cost of labor up front…the other half of the payment delivers the work to you or it can be picked up at my studio.

I am a true believer in the Bartering system, so make an offer I can’t refuse.

Lettering and headstones vary on size of font used.  1″ and below $2 per letter

2″ $ 4 per letter

3″ $ 8 per letter…and so on

Some works of art may have a mold done, but 20% of the total cost will purchase the mold as well (it will be known up front about the mold and once purchased it is yours to destroy or use.  If the mold is not purchased, I reserve the right to make as many copies and sell them, but not ever over 50% of the total cost of the original and it will be stated that it is a copy, plus no more than 10 copies will be made.)



I am an Art school drop-out.  I became a Stone Mason.  I was given 2 weeks instruction by Matt “Stokes” Redabaugh, he being a Master Carver.


I was a finalist in the Prelude awards in 1994 (my senior year in high school).


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