Ladan Abbaspour

Ladan Abbaspour


From an early age, I have always loved and appreciated art and wanted to create my own paintings. Born and raised in Iran, I pursued a degree in Chemistry, but I was always painting in my free time. Painting has been my passion as well as my form of therapy enabling me to express my feelings and transfer them onto canvas. I love to create different types of textures in my paintings, and I’m typically drawn to using bright colors. I work mainly with acrylics,watercolor, and also enjoy creating

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About My Work:

I create  textured Abstract Paintings using acrylics, ink and watercolor. I also enjoy creating mix media art with bright colors and different type of textures


Pricing Information:

Pricing varies from $100 to $3000 depends of size and type of work


I have a bachelor in Chemistry but my passion has always been art and creating my own



Carmel Art on Main Gallery

Hamilton County Artists Association HCAA

High Frequency Arts

Corporate Fine Art



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  1. Is your yellow background with red orange and pink flowers picture still available? What is the size and price and is it displayed somewhere?


    • Hello! Please use the artist’s contact information listed in their profile to contact them. They do not see comments to their profiles. Thanks!


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