Leonard Kirk

My favorite arts are folk art and the works of children, because there are no limits or rules to the imagination of free spirits. Art is a divine way for me to give the future human a brighter way of thinking and loving the human race as one.  I have thirteen female angels ,and each angel has her own poem. Combined with a new astro rendition of the book of Genesis, for a new world.


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About My Work:

ANGELS, All female hand drawn in pencil (black & white) all with a unique style of beauty. One Queen Angel representing the mother of all , and the other twelve are her labors of love. Right now they are proffs which i plan to animate into super she- roses .

Pricing Information:

8 1/2 x  11 inch proofs: $20.00 a piece


BALL STATE UNIVERSITY, Associate in Arts.     Auto CAD ,Metalworking Occupations, Oct.  24, 2005    Commercial Fabrics , Feb. 1987.  IVTC.   Auto body Repair, Feb.  1984

Plan to continue education in the form of Computer Animation.


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