Linda Seyfried

I am an Expressionist. I like to paint people that have a lot of character – individuals that work with their hands, have strong convictions and give back to the community – good Samaritans, so to speak. I have a hard time dealing with my own style of painting. On one hand, I think it is a gift from God that I paint so expressively. On the other hand, it is so unique and different and expressive, not beautiful. People expect art to be beautiful, I have a hard time accepting my own gift that God

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About My Work:

Seyfried describes her work as the figurative representation of the pain and suffering of modern society. More specifically, it is the painting of people who put the needs and suffering of others ahead of their own.

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B.F.A. from Indiana University, certificate from Hunan Normal University


Hoosier Salon, Indiana State Museum, Hoosier Salon Drawing Show, Central Indiana Artists



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