Lisa Cooreman

As in my life, my approach to teaching is rooted in taking risks. I model a curious and investigative life, which can empower students to do the same.  My aim is always to inspire students to become better makers and thinkers with capacities to work critically.  I create space for artists of marginalized identities and histories of resistance. I encourage my students to see themselves as contributors to the larger conversations of their world and times, as reflected in art. 

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About My Work:

In my own work I gravitate towards layered processes to depict an experience, place or person of personal significance and history.  Objects become observations, combining a language of sign and symbol with commonplace imagery, semi-abstracting memory. Illusionistic space is simultaneously anticipated and denied. Tender insights surface from both simple and complex narratives. My work is informed by a multitude of sources including  Eastern philosophy and ecofeminism. Influences as diverse as Mona Hatoum, Shirin Neshat, Hollis Sigler and Julie Mehretu provoke thought and reflection to express the contemporary condition of the individual and society. 


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  • Stilted, 2016, 22"x35", charcoal, ink, gold leaf on paper