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Lisa Sears



I graduated from Herron School of Art and Design in 2011 with a Bachelors in Fine Art with an emphasis in Drawing, a Bachelors in Art Education, and a minor in Art History. I have experience working in a variety of media ranging from oil paint, watercolor, acrylic, encaustic, printmaking, woodcut, and collage, darkroom photography, digital photography and digital alteration and creation with programs like Photoshop. I teach art by day at Greenfield-Central High School and paint by night.

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About My Work:

My work mostly consist of acrylic paintings on canvas, although I also create installations.
My paintings start by being carefully planning their compositions. Once I have one that I am excited to paint, I grid the image and build a canvas to scale. Slowly, I paint the image onto a gridded canvas.

My installations are created with the paint leftover at the end of each painting session. I hate to waste it so I create a method of recycling it that builds slowly over time.

I am also fascinated by the process of transformation. I like to take images of my paintings periodically and put them together on a slide show. At the bottom of each artworks page on this website you will find a slideshow of the painting or installations creation.

I am really interested in historical artwork, architecture, and feminism so they tend to end up in my work.

Feel free to contact me for a commission piece. If you have a photo or idea you would like to start with, I would be happy to paint it.

Upcoming Events:

Painting a Mural for Prologis February 13-20.  I will be live-streaming it here.  It is based on a design for my Speedway, 1909 painting that I made for the Welcome Race Fans event organized by the Indianapolis Arts Council.


I also live-stream painting most evenings at the same link listed above.

Pricing Information:

Typically the cost of materials to start, and a contract that states the an hourly wage of $15 and the minimum to maximum amount of hours estimate needed to complete the painting.


Herron School of Art and Design


Merit Award from the Teacher as Artist Show, March 2016

Welcome Race Fans Painting on the Indianapolis Arts Garden, April 2018





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