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About My Work:

I enjoy this style of collage for many reasons. I have always enjoyed color and the idea that the more you look, the more you will find. Using magazine images, paint, and photos, this concept has endless possibilities. Custom pieces that match your style and taste are available along with the normal oddities that come from my storage of ideas. Anything can be covered. I started with turning my photo albums into poster-size wall art. It then moved to a chair I found sitting at the end of someone’s curb. I immediatley visualized the chair not painted but strewn in color and magazine images that were quickly chopped up and applied. It seems immediate that wallpaper sizing became my glue because it’s easy to use with your hands and non-toxic. Random images turned into very detailed cuttings and scenes took place before my sticky hands. From the chair I moved on to barstools, end tables, and an 8′ church pew. Eventually, 4″x4″ ceramic tiles made into funtional coasters became my most popular item.

Pricing Information:

All work that I produce is custom and therfore the price is as well. The 4″x4″ ceramic coasters with cork backing and funtional polyurethane coating are $10 each or two for $17. All other projects usually range from $15-$20 an hour depending on the media and size.



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