Lorie Lee Andrews

Lorie Lee Andrews


Creating art is directly related to the way I process life events and my spiritual journey. I work in various 2D mediums as well as making artist books. I love printmaking, painting, drawing and mixed media creating. If I am trying to answer a philosophical or emotional question for myself, I know that if I go to my studio and get busy, I will find the answer I am looking for.


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About My Work:

I am enthusiastic about using all kinds of painting, drawing, printmaking and mixed media techniques. I create imagery that is symbolic and spiritually infused, even when it is illustrative in nature. My art is a reflection of my own faith and experience, and the exploration of the spiritual traditions of others. It is both meticulous and vibrant, and always expressive, often featuring nature and connection as themes. I believe that even when it challenges what we have always believed, visual art can bring peace and inspiration to our lives by affirming our emotions in ways that require no words or explaination.

Pricing Information:

Currently, most of the pieces I have for sale are relatively small in size and are priced from approximately $35.00 (5′ x5″) to $100.00 (8″x 10″) and anywhere in that area. Prices obviously reflect whether a work is one of a kind or a print, what materials have been used in its creation, as well as the framing involved.


Lorie Lee graduated from Herron School of Art and Design with a major in General Fine Arts and a minor in Book Arts. She also holds a Masters Degree in Education from IUPUI, and undergrad in Education, Art and English from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, IM.


Lorie Lee enjoys having a studio at The Harrison Center for the Arts. She also is on the faculty of the Indianapolis Art Center. She curates the gallery at The Playful Soul in Broad Ripple, and participates in shows in various venues.


Lorie Lee graduated from Herron School of Art and Design in 2012 with high honors. She won “The People’s Choice” Award at the Borschoff Show in 2011 at the Harrison Center for her piece entitled “Continuity”.



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