Marck Miller

Marck Miller


Marck Miller (b. 1980) is a lifelong artist and has spent the majority of his creative career living and working in Indianapolis.  He works in a variety of mediums, specializing in pen and ink drawing, mural/sign painting, and mixed media works on canvas and paper.  His intention is to provide the viewer a space where spending more than a seconds’ glance is rewarded, even across multiple occasions.  This is, he hopes, in contrast to online swiping, scrolling, and the proliferation of images

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About My Work:

“Detailed” is a descriptor often used when people respond to my work. I believe fine detail in profusion has the power to communicate a sense of time and the images within in a unique way.  Put another way, making the artists’ effort obvious changes the meaning of an image, lending it gravitas and asking the question “Why?” In an era in which images can be created or sourced instantly, an obsessively crafted image begs the question and provides its own answer.

Pricing Information:

From $10 to $10,000+: I try to make art that can be acquired, even commissioned, on almost any budget.  My art is accessible to all people, not just upper class collectors.


B.A., Columbia College Chicago

Majored in Painting, Printmaking, and Drawing




Pougialis Award, Columbia College Chicago, 2002


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