Marie Broyer

Broyer’s art career began in a formalized elementary education art program in Evansville, IN. In addition, throughout her early learning and primary education, Marie was offered participation in specialty art programs within the public-school systems and the local community. Nearing the end of high school, she chose to finish her curriculum at the inaugural charter “Signature School.”

Furthermore, with the availability of this new artistic program, she focused her studies on contemporary

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About My Work:

Philosophy of Art

First of all, we live in a technological and instant gratification period of historical society. In addition, everything in our daily lives seems to transfer at a “speed-of-light.” Due to scientific research, technology and new daily discoveries – we further ourselves away from simplicity.

Furthermore, we continue farther and farther away from our natural humanistic state of being. Consequently, we lose touch with the elemental, the beautiful and living in the PRESENT. Due to all of the life chaos, people have lost the awareness of the true things – the little things.

Most of all, we forget to notice the pollen hanging on a pistol within flower. We lose touch with the sensation of the soft grass under our naked feet. Also, we forget the feeling of butterflies landing on our fingers. As a result, finding a four leaf clover seems impossible or remembering the electrical shock when we embrace our true love.


Personally, I respond and create to the feelings within the energy flow through nature and a father holding his son in deep unconditional love. Also, don’t forget the way your pet smiles when returning home for the day. Express gratitude towards a beautiful blooming flower and the color of the sky that invokes the human imagination.

In turn, we must let go of the anvil of stress and stop for a moment. In addition, see things that human kind has now displaced as ordinary or nothing.
Furthermore, I want my work to open people’s perceptions and make SEE life and the world again. I crave for humankind to feel life again through the eyes of their soul – a human’s true essence.


In conclusion, I believe that Camille Pissarro understood this concept and was well before his time in saying, “Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.”

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Pricing Information:

Marie (Stonestreet) Broyer Pricing Information

Prices per piece vary per size, labor and materials.
Prints: Black Archival Matte – Range From a 5″ x 7″ at $10.00 to 8″ x 10″ at $25.00.
*Larger sizes, print substrate vary in price for larger or original size work.  – Must contact for a Quote.

Original Watercolor on Yupo© or 140# Arches Cold Press – Range in Price from $150.00 to $575.00 + depending on the piece.



Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts · University of Southern Indiana · Evansville, IN · Honors Graduate · Cum Laude
Major: Advertising and Public Relations · Minor: Graphic Design and Marketing

Field of Study: Advanced Literature and Composition · Ball State University · Muncie, IN (1999)

· Judy Chicago, Artist in Residence
· Dr. Hilary Braysmith
· Kathryn Waters
· Jim and Linda Goodrich
· Birgit O’Connor



· Watercolor Society of Indiana (Board Member – Publicity Director) (2006-2015)
· Hoosier Salon (2006-2015)
· Central Indiana Artists (2006-2008)
· American Watercolor Society (2008-2015)
· National Watercolor Society (2008-2015)
· Indianapolis Arts Center (2008-2012)
· Irvington Guild of Artists (2004-2006)



· Indianapolis Zoo Naturally Inspired Paint out Membership Award Recognition (2013)
· Terre Haute Women’s Club Purchase Award (2007)
· 82nd Hoosier Salon Exhibition Purchase Award (2006)
· University of Southern Indiana Liberal Arts Scholarship (1996)
· Oakland City College Annual Exhibition – Honorable Mention (1996)


  • "Lucy" - Wings of Inspiration Series