Mark Muhlhauser

Artist’s Biography

I live in Indianapolis Indiana. I began to work with pastels, watercolor and oil paint around the age of fourteen. I completed a number of avocational and city college level night classes in drawing and painting during high school and then my military service. Other than that, I am self-trained. At University I pursued a degree in science and ended up in a career as a research biologist. During this time I managed to paint a bit a night and on weekends and began to paint

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About My Work:

Artist’s Statement

Being an artist is about being more aware of the life around us. Noticing the sky, the trees, the colors and the mutual arising of color, form and space and the feelings associated with those things. The painter is a communicator that uses color, form, tone and texture to express and share this heightened awareness. Art exists not only in the final product but in the creating. I am a process painter; that is to say that my painting is part of my daily practice toward seeing, feeling and expressing things more deeply and living more fully…

My work is often semi-representational in that it presents a subjective and simplified perspective rather than an attempt to reproduce objective reality. I often do what can be described as atmospheric landscapes as I am drawn toward their simplicity and subtlety and ability to evoke emotion but l am open to explore a wide range of representational subject matter. I also occasionally do some non-representational expressionist abstract and action painting. Most of my work is with acrylic on canvas but I have worked with oil and watercolor as well.

My paintings are first intended to please the eye and to engage the mind and emotions. I want my work to inspire emotion, provoke inner reflection, to evoke associations. To paradoxically transport the viewer to into the piece and make them more fully present as the observer of it.

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