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Mark Roberts was born in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1970. He is a lifelong resident of the Indianapolis area.  He and his wife, Tess, moved to the Mass Ave Arts District 5 years ago. Mark has been an Indianapolis Firefighter for over 15 years.

Mark was drawn to art at an early age, watching his father make drawings of hot rods and cartoons. Mark attended Herron Art School in 1982 at the request of his art teacher at Southport Middle School. While life got in the way and he finished school and became a firefighter, art took a back seat for a few years. In 2005, while engaged to his now wife Tess, he was struck by the need to express his love for her and began in oil. His first painting was a birthday gift to her and still hangs in the bedroom at home. Since that first painting he has become quite passionate about his art and has created numerous pieces, some of those as gifts for family and friends.

Mark does most of his paintings in one sitting. While not very patient, he is dedicated to expressing his thoughts and feelings into the canvas at the moment of inspiration. Most of the work tries to convey an emotion or sense of being, whether good or bad. While “Serenity” may portray solitude and spiritual retreat, “Rage” tries to provide the viewer with a visual representation of his and maybe their own feelings of anger.  Having not been educated in the classic sense, he feels this opens his mind and hands to various forms of media and exploration. He paints as a child paints, without regard to rules or practices. Various tools and objects as well as brushes serve his purpose of producing his concept or abstract art. He continues to experiment with different media, but feels oil and acrylic serves him best.



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Paintings range in price. Call for quote.


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