Mary Schrock

Mary Beth is an Indianapolis loving Visionary Artist, and Live Painter. As a Visionary Artist, Mary Beth’s creative process is her spiritual practice– oftentimes her paintings are her prayers. In her day to day life she intentionally works to cultivate the right spiritual food to fuel her paintings. Her work typically features mystical themes, as well as symbolism which generally emerges from her time spent in meditation, books that she’s reading, and experiences observed throughout collective

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About My Work:

The majority of my work comes in the form of acrylic paintings and often are accompanied by a piece of writing that describes where the piece originated from. I weave a lot of meaning into my work and I really love to share the stories behind them.

Pricing Information:

Please see my Etsy shop for pricing, and for what is available. I don’t often choose to sell my originals, however I do get prints made on stretched canvas which look a lot like the original.

Mural pricing varies upon size, detail, and community cause.

My 6 week Visionary Art Intensive is $222 per person, and I often split the profit with hosts/ organizations . Please email me for booking information.


Studied Fine Art and Psychology at Indiana University


I am currently  partnered with the Edna Martin Christian Foundation through the Elevation Grant which is a grant centered around crime prevention. I am teaching my meditative painting and drawing practices at schools in the Brightwood neighborhood as well as in South Indianapolis at the Positive Support Academy.


  • Gallery 1 - Mary Schrock
  • Gallery 2 - Mary Schrock
  • Gallery 3 - Mary Schrock
  • Gallery 4 - Mary Schrock
  • Gallery 5 - Mary Schrock
  • Gallery 6 - Mary Schrock
  • Gallery 7 - Mary Schrock
  • Gallery 8 - Mary Schrock
  • Gallery 9 - Mary Schrock
  • Moon Goddess in Acrylic


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