Matt Kenyon

Matt  Kenyon


Matt Kenyon’s Artist Statement


I feel a wonderful connection to the entire process of making art whether it is working in glass, wood, metal or any other medium. I have been putting things together and creating from a young age and have always had a passion for the construction of objects. Each piece that I create allows me to express a bit of my personality or imagination. I steadily try to keep my work contemporary and fresh.

Glass is a medium that provides me endless opportunity to create,

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About My Work:

I have always been more of an instructor rather than a practicing artist and I am trying to change that. I have a deep passion for glass blowing, but furniture is the area that I would like to focus on in the near future.

Pricing Information:

Purchasing work

I am willing to do any commissions available. The work that I have in my studio at the Harrison Center has a wide price range from $1 googlie eyes, paperweights from $20, vases, drinking glasses, flowers from $15, ornaments and many many more things in a wide range of pricing. I offer production pieces that I make as well as one of a kind work that can be purchased.

Experience Glass Blowing!

GRT Glass Design charges $60 for one person per hour or $50 per person per hour minimum being a 2 hour lessons to. If you get a group of 10 to 15 together we can do a lesson at $40 per person where each person walks away with a wonderful paperweight, heart, pumpkin, snowman or a few flowers. Usually on the first lesson we go through paperweights and flowers.  If you continue on then we will go through blowing glass on the second lesson. I have been instructing beginners on how to blow glass since 2004 and I enjoy training people to work in this wonderful medium. Our goal is to help you create things that your friends and family will enjoy for years to come. You can create your gifts with my assistance and in time we can make some really great stuff.  All private lesson will be scheduled through me, but pre-paid at the front desk at GRT Glass Design or you can buy a gift certificate for a wonderful present that will not be forgotten.

Portable Glass Blowing Studio:  To get the portable out to do shows it is very involved, but an amazing oportunity for everyone to experience how awesome this medium is. Pricing is listed on my website at It is a lot of fun and educational


I am mainly a glass blower and I recieved my training by taking lots of classes and renting blow time at the Indianapolis Art Center for years. I have a BFA in Furniture Design from Herron School of Art. I have picked up welding but i would not brag about my welding skills. I am a good welder only because I know how to use a grinder so well.


I work at the Indianapolis Art Center and I am a contractor at GRT Glass Design.


I recieved the Skip McKinney Faculty of the year award from the Indianpolis Art Center in 2013.


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