Meg Rainwater

Meg  Rainwater


MEG RAINWATER is a freelance graphic designer, painter, illustrator, and writer/poet. Her interests consist of music, art, love, and spiritual evolution.

She currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana but hopes to move to Austin, Texas in the near future to pursue a career in music promotion design. Her personal mantra is: The sky is the limit.


More Info

About My Work:

I create art to teach and to please.

I like art that speaks and doesn’t just distract the eyes for a brief period of time.

I love the art that distracts the mind for long periods of time and really makes the viewer think about what they are seeing and why they should value its presence.

I want the viewer to take something away from my work. I want them to see the world in a new, fresh, and maybe somewhat peculiar way, like I do. My hunger for knowledge and my constant search for all the beauty in the world eats at me like nothing else. I need knowledge and beauty like a flower needs sunlight and water, maybe even more so. I need them to grow, I need them to breathe, and I need them to feel like I exist. I want my viewers’ to hunger; I want their brains to salivate when they see my work.

When I create work I let it come intuitively. I do a bit of planning on the conceptual aspect but never really on the execution. I let my spirit take over when it comes to the actual creating of a piece of artwork. The materials and techniques I use vary depending on the subject matter and the message I am trying to convey. I usually leave it up to my subconscious to make these decisions for me because I feel like that’s a more natural and honest way to express what’s inside.

My most current work has everything to do with dreams and the messages they provide to the conscious dreamer. Over the past few years, my dreams have taught me so much about who I am and who I need to be. They have taught me to look inside for happiness and to share my kinetic energy with the people I encounter throughout my life. My dreams continue to blow my mind almost every night and I want to let the viewer into this amazing realm of transcendentalism. With this body of work, I want the viewer to understand and embrace the beauty that’s within them. I also want them to know that we, as human beings, can do remarkable things if we acknowledge our capacity to do so. We are all glorious beams of light just waiting to be recognized by ourselves!

Pricing Information:

$50-$600 Paintings


Bachelor of Fine Arts from Herron School of Art + Design

in Visual Communication Design/Creative Writing- Dean’s List Honors



Hurston-Evans Literary Scholarship, Publication twice in IUPUI’s Annual Poetry-Literary Magazine


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