Megan Martin

Megan Martin


I create eco-friendly jewelry from recycled argentium sterilng silver.  The pocesses I use to form each piece involve the most minimal use of chemicals possible in order to produce jewlery with a low environmental impact.  Argentium Sterling Silver (AS) is a recent alloy including slightly more silver than standard sterling, as well as the addition of the element Germanium.  AS is a precious metal the resists tarnishing, is harder and stronger than standard sterling, and allows fabrication

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About My Work:

I create modern eco friendly jewelry with argentium sterling silver and semi precious gemstones.  My pieces are geometric and minimalist and are crafted with recycled sterling silver and the environment in mind.

Pricing Information:

Prices range from approximately $20-$600


Megan Martin is a self taught artist with no formal training in the arts.


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