Melissa Hunt

Melissa Hunt


I believe that graphic presentation should have a strong voice in every university. I want to work for a university that fosters an atmosphere that nurtures creativity and design and stands by its commitment to superior display.

I am a goal-oriented optimist who thrives on challenges, leads by example, and readily adapts to new situations.


More Info

About My Work:

I possess five years of design experience in many diverse areas such as flier, poster, invitation, logo, brochure, advertising and signage design. In addition, I have experience in magazine layout and design, newspaper layout and design, CD design and promotional product design. I am proficient in most Mac and PC based graphics software programs including, but not limited to Quark Xpress, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Creative Suite. I am comfortable working on Mac and PC platforms. I possess a strong ability to organize large projects. I am able to track the success and design goals of projects while also focusing on the budgets, time constraints and expectations of projects. I have an eye for style and design and find myself very passionate about all things visual!

Pricing Information:

My pricing will vary depending on the type of work. Generally, I will charge an hourly rate, but if it is something simple, such as a logo, we may be able to negotiate a flat project fee. I generally charge roughly $25 per hour, but again, will vary with the project.


My educational background includes a degree from Ball State University’s nationally recognized Journalism Graphics/Visual Communications program.


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