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About My Work:

I enjoying taking pictures of the natural world around us and only embellishing them enough to emphasize their natural beauty.

I joined the digital photography revolution in 2005 after being immersed in B&W film since about 1989.  I built a darkroom in my house years ago and have been contemplating getting back into developing and printing B&W images.

Like anything, digital photography has it’s pros and cons.  The biggest con for me is the look of a B&W image made with a digital camera as opposed to a silver halide B&W image.  Silver halide wins hands down.  The biggest pro for digital photography is the speed at which an image can be processed and the ease with which you can share images.

Pricing Information:

8.5 x 11 Matted, numbered and signed prints – $38


I was originally introduced to B&W photography and darkroom work at the J. Everett Light Career Center while attending North Central High School.



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