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About My Work:

My art evolved as a result of my grief process after the passing of my beloved spouse of lung cancer in October 2004 after a 4 month brief diagnosis.  We are never too old to start creating art at any time of our life.  My passion is abstract and expressionstic art.  I am a self taught emerging artist and not afraid to experiement through man mediums.  I started out in oil..then ventured into the world of watercolor, acyrlic and pastels.  While living in Bloomington from 2007-2009…I developed an abstract expressionistic art class at Redbud Hills Retirement Community where my students ages were 84-101…which I taught a weekly class for 1 1/2 years. I created 7 local art exhibits for my Golden students…the exhibits were well received by the community.  I had a solo exhibit at Glorious Moments Art Gallery.  After my spouses passing…I purchased several large canvases in November 2o04…my life changed.  My canvases went from 30×40″ to 9×6′ floor then to 1″ square wooden blocks in size.  Being self-taught has given me the freedom to explore my inner gifts on canvas and heal as well.  I was the Vice President of the Bloomington Watercolor Society in 2009 and Board Secretary to the T.C. Steele Friends of the Museum in Brown Couny, IN.  Picasso, Pollock, Cezzane, Monet as many others that have inspired my creative art.  My art is created predominately at night by candlelight when the energies of the day have quieted down.  I teach group and individuals.

Pricing Information:

Pricing is determined by the size and complexity of the created piece.  My art sizes are from 1″ square blocks to 9’x6′ large floor canvases.

$10.00 – $2,000.00


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