Michelle Given

As an artist, I am concerned with investigating the distance between things- the distance from oneself, from one’s environment, from other people, as well as the disconnect between psychological and physiological experience.  I use photography, video and installation as tools to map this subject or emotional space, which allow me to emphasize the isolation and dislocation that is an inherent characteristic of the human condition.


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About My Work:

As an artist, I use primarily photography and video to make sense of the world around me.  I am not tied to one kind of camera or process, and move from analog, alternative processes and digital, to large format, homemade pinhole cameras and 35mm depending upon what a project needs.

General themes that are addressed in my work include exploring inbetween spaces (which could be physical, emotional or metaphorical), the disconnect between where one is physically and where one’s mind is wandering, as well as what it means to be female.  Some of my work is more narrative, while other parts are more formal explorations of light and composition.



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